Digitalisation et automatisation des process métiers.

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Today, many digital tools are available in the business, information exchanges are multiplying, the number of data explodes.

Companies have opportunities to solve their problems through digital solutions . TalkMe, process expert, supports companies in their digital transition:

  • Process audit for viewing and recommending improvements.
  • Automation of low added value tasks.
  • Process monitoring for traceability and drift alerts.
  • Analysis of the processes by the data to anticipate the risks and to make recommendations of actions.

Our process and data skills allow us to connect all computer or paper data. We integrate our RPS (Robotic Process Automation) solutions into the company’s IS to automate all business processes quickly and easily by leveraging the company’s data capital.

Coupled with artificial intelligence, automation becomes more efficient and also makes it possible to eliminate errors related to human intervention and to capitalize on a mass of relevant data that will allow a risk anticipation analysis and the establishment of recommendations for action.

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What can you automate?

Automate your business processes

Automate all your business processes with TalkMe

  • Design your workflows
  • Dynamic assignment of tasks
  • Integration into your work environment
  • Reuse of data and components
  • Automation of repetitive tasks

Make your data collection more reliable

The collection of quality data is the basis of all your processes. TalkMe allows you to track and improve quality by replacing your paper files with dynamic forms that then communicate with all your processes.
Dynamic forms connected to business data that can enrich them :

  • Real-time connection to IS data
  • Forms integrated into your workflow

Forms that can be used anywhere and anytime

  • Responsive Design
  • Native integration with your business applications
  • Offline forms available

 Make the most of your data capital

Thanks to Process Mining, discover your real processes thanks to the data, and make the decision at the right moment.

Descriptive analysis: visualize and follow your real processes
Predictive analysis: anticipate process drift and nonconformity
Prescriptive analysis: we propose the best action to perform according to a given situation

Visualize your real-time data

TalkMe consolidates all the execution data of your applications. Our tools for real-time monitoring and management of your business processes provide all the information needed to identify blocking points, quickly correct malfunctions and continuously improve your operational performance.

 Personalized support

Upstream Council

Our consultants help you to understand your needs and structure your project.

This support covers the analysis of technical and functional needs, the drafting of specifications or functional specifications, the definition of the target architecture, methodological recommendations …


Design and deployment

Entrust us with the design of your applications(interfaces to workflows, forms and reports) .

TalkMe accompanies you in 360 ° on the integration of the data, the setting of the user rights, the interconnection of the application within the IS, the test phase and even assistance in setting up recipes and production …

The + of TALKME

+ Organization

Data entry is meticulous, the risk of error is reduced, traceability is ensured and the performance of each process can be evaluated.

+ Employees 

There is less stress thanks to time savings and better visibility of the files to be processed. Employees spend more time on high value-added work and gain recognition from their colleagues.

+ Client

Reactivity and quality improves because there are far fewer manual treatments and therefore errors in the reliability of the data, the production of documents or their transmission.

+ Finance

Automation is an additional lever of productivity gains. The application of automation saves a very important time in the whole activity of the company.

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